Mooring winches

Reliable mooring winch systems for safe offshore and dredging operations

Royal IHC designs and builds several types of mooring winch systems. All are designed with a focus on different applications that require vessel positioning, vessel-to-vessel mooring, or barge-to-vessel mooring.

  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Tested in house 

Wide range of mooring applications

  • Multi-point mooring systems for pipelaying vessels and crane barges. Systems are designed for continuous use and require dynamic modulation of line tension to maintain vessel stability during operations.
  • Position mooring systems for floating production units and drilling rigs in deep waters.
  • Bespoke mooring systems for temporarily mooring barges to cutter suction dredgers for side-by-side offloading operations.

Ready for operation 

All mooring winches and systems can be delivered with IHC hydraulic power packs, that are electrically- or diesel-driven. Power packs with and without hydraulic reservoirs, control manifolds, filtration systems, lubrication systems and local control panels can be delivered skid-mounted or containerised – even when these are to be used in hazardous areas.

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