Umbilical winches

Umbilical winches in single or multi-drum configurations

IHC’s umbilical winches are available in many configurations and can be used for the safe deployment of the umbilicals, and for storage.

  • Extensive application knowledge
  • No interface issues
  • Local content capabilities

Fit for purpose umbilical winches 

Due to our long history in dredging and our vast experience in the offshore market, we understand the purpose of and the context in which the umbilical winch or reel must operate. Therefore, we know how to design the winch to make it fit for purpose. We also have experience in optimising deck layouts, considering the fleet angle and other interfaces.

All of our equipment meets the latest standards concerning safety, legislation and quality

Ready for any operation

All winches can be delivered with swivels and IHC hydraulic power packs, either electrically or diesel driven. Power packs with and without hydraulic reservoirs, control manifolds, filtration systems, lubrication systems and local control panels can be delivered skid-mounted or completely containerised – even when these are to be used in hazardous areas.

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