Cable drum engines

Robust cable drum engines for cablelay and recovery

Our cable drum engine (CDE) is the result of many years of experience of servicing, upgrading and building multiple designs. Our standard CDE focuses on robustness and simplicity of design, which enables safe operation and low maintenance throughout its life cycle. It can also be enhanced to include additional customer- and vessel-specific features.

  • Simple robust design
  • Hydraulic or electric drive
  • Automatic synchronisation with DOHB
  • Pitch compensated load sensing
  • Turnkey replacement of existing CDEs

Turnkey CDE replacement

Due to the size and location of many cable drum engines on ageing cablelay vessels, it can be a daunting task to replace these. Our extensive experience of working on vessels means that IHC is well equipped to carry out this work on a turnkey basis. A typical scope of work includes:

  • a survey of the vessel
  • modifications to enable the removal of CDEs
  • the safe disposal of old equipment
  • building replacement CDEs
  • installing the new CDEs on the vessel
  • commissioning and sea trials.

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