Hydraulic jacking system

Robust single acting and continuous hydraulic pin-and-hole jacking systems

Consisting of high-quality proven Royal IHC components and automation, our jacking systems allow an effortless and reliable operation. They are custom-designed in-house and can be tailored to your needs.

  • Proven technology
  • Design, engineering and manufacturing under one roof
  • Custom design
  • Fully automated jacking and monitoring

Proven technology and smooth integration

IHC has delivered components for multiple jacking systems. Our knowledge of structural design, hydraulics, marine operations and automation means that we are capable of designing a complete jacking system with controls that allow for fully automated jacking and monitoring, as well as resulting in a safe and efficient jacking operation.

Due to our background in shipbuilding and design, we ensure that a sound integrationis achieved in the jack-up vessel, regardless of whether it is our own or a third-party vessel.

Single acting vs continuous jacking systems

A single-acting jacking system consists of a stationary and travelling yoke and offers lower capex and costs in which speed is not a priority.

A continuous jacking system consists of two travelling yokes, benefitting from a higher platform lifting and lowering speed.

The entire system can be engineered by IHC, and a partnership with us brings the advantage of our extensive building experience. Our advice is to integrate the whole design due to the high degree of interaction between the jack-up parts, legs, leg housing and hull. IHC is open to discussing the best options to meet your requirements.

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