Offshore wind equipment

We pride ourselves on providing robust and reliable equipment for every stage of an offshore wind farm’s life cycle. Together with IHC IQIP and our independent subsidiaries, Vuyk Engineering and KCI, we have an extensive track record in the offshore wind sector. This allows us to offer a package of innovative and integrated solutions for the offshore wind market.

Cablelay equipment

IHC can supply integrated cablelay spreads for existing or newly built vessels. We can provide full deck solutions including tracked tensioners, linear cable engines, carousels and control systems. We offer cable handling equipment for both sale and rental – from single components through to complete deck solutions.

Foundation and turbine installation equipment

With the introduction of large 10+ MW turbines and heavy foundations (1,500-2,000t), installations have never been more challenging. We recently designed a dynamic outrigger frame, with a motion-compensated gripper that can install the largest monopiles with a heavy lift vessel, while on DP. IHC IQIP has a proven track record in foundation and installation equipment and offers a wide range of equipment for this phase of a wind farm.

Seabed intervention equipment

IHC has more than 15 years’ experience in the supply of cable burial equipment, which started with the market-leading Sea Stallion Plough. We also have an extensive track record in supplying subsea trenching equipment, our award-winning Hi-Traq trencher is ideal for projects in harsh environments.

Operations and maintenance equipment

Offshore wind installations and service operations require the safe and efficient transfer of personnel and equipment, from floating vessels to wind turbine foundations. We designed the motion-compensated SEA-LINK® gangway to provide a safe and rapid transfer, and increase the operational window of an offshore operation.

Rental equipment

IHC offers short, medium and long-term rentals of modular and flexible cablelay equipment. These services range from the short-term rental of a single piece of equipment to complete life-cycle rental solutions of full deck spreads. In addition, we have a strong team of offshore technicians and engineers to run and maintain our rental fleet.

videos offshore wind equipment

  • Dynamic outrigger frame

  • Royal IHC’s Hi-Traq trenching vehicle during trials

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