Sea-Link® motion compensated gangway

Safe and rapid transfer between vessel and offshore structure

Offshore installation and service operations require the safe and efficient transport of personnel, equipment and utilities from floating vessels to wind turbine foundations, substations and other platforms. Our gangway, Sea-Link®, provides a safe and rapid transfer, which increases the operational window of an offshore operation.

  • Custom design, fit for purpose
  • Lowest power requirements, increased redundancy
  • Highest workability and safety

Motion in control

Our innovative access solution has a cutting-edge design and smart features. The Sea-Link® is provided with a unique and patented platform, which reduces intermediate telescoping speeds and can even function as a ferry. This eliminates speed differences and results in a safe and truly step-less solution. The tip of the gangway is active-motion compensated and can be used in bumper or hoover mode.

Smart solutions

As a renowned equipment and ship builder, IHC is able to deliver a truly integrated design. Our access solutions offer:

  • fully integrated mission equipment
  • a smaller-sized ship due to fit-for-purpose design
  • flexibility in operations
  • increased system redundancy
  • increased workability
  • year-round operations
  • a logical logistics route
  • reduced power requirements of Sea-Link®
  • Intermediate Platform, an innovative technology to allow higher telescoping speed and increased safety

  • reduced overall fuel consumption.

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