Diving equipment

“We keep you breathing”

IHC Hytech’s range of commercial and military diving equipment is designed and built by experienced professionals who know the diving industry. We never compromise on safety in the diving systems we deliver worldwide.

  • Long-term commitment to customer
  • User friendliness and adaptiveness                               
  • Operational know-how                                                            
  • Compliant with international regulations and guidelines
  • In-house testing

Surface-supplied diving systems and equipment

IHC Hytech provides standard and customised surface-supplied diving systems for air, nitrox and mixed-gas diving operations. These systems can be delivered either standalone, containerised, portable, or fully integrated in a diving support vessel. IHC Hytech diving systems comprise:

  • Decompression chamber
  • Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS)
  • dive control panels
  • machinery and compressor systems
  • video inspection and recording systems
  • monitoring systems
  • hot water machines
  • mixed-gas (EAN) production units

Systems and components can be built per class, such as ABS, DNV, Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, and according to IMCA guidelines.

Personal diving gear and diving equipment components

In addition to our wide range of personal diving gear produced by top range industry brands (Kirby Morgan, Viking and Amron), IHC Hytech has vast experience in the development and manufacturing of competitive high quality proprietary products. These include:

Masks, helmets, suits, umbilicals, cameras and lights, knives, harnesses, underwater cutting and welding tools.

We also offer proprietary diving products such as scrubbers, heaters and heat exchangers.

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