Governmental deck decompression chambers

Portable, inbuilt and containerised deck decompression chambers

IHC Hytech’s deck decompression chambers (DDCs) are designed, engineered and built to the latest standards and regulations of the professional diving industry. 
IHC Hytech is known for its customised DDCs for on all types of applications, from super yachts to diving centres, special military forces to fire brigades.
  • High standard
  • First-rate quality
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable

Decompression chamber types

The DART and ATEL are compact and lightweight transportable DDC for one patient and one attendant.

A standard range of DDC 1600, DDC 1800 and DDC 2000 are available for professional diving operations, suitable for two to six persons.

Standard and customised containerised solutions are available upon request. Container modules can be combined to form either an air dive spread or act as fully self-supporting stand-alone units. These options are part of IHC Hytech’s full scope.

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