Linear chain tensioners

A reliable and straightforward solution for permanent mooring applications

IHC has developed a compact, linear tensioning solution to overcome the challenge of limited deck space. It has been designed to provide a straightforward operation, reliability, ease of installation and maximum performance.

Unique Selling points

  • Easy-to-replace load cells – even under tension
  • No additional below-deck support structure required
  • No complex and sensitive operating technologies
  • Compact design

An innovative and compact mooring tensioning system

Standard chain tensioners (chain jacks) are double cylinder push- or pull-style vertical linear units with an integrated primary chain stopper. They can withstand the minimum breaking load (MBL) of the installed mooring chain. 
The chain tensioner can be configured to suit the particular requirements of various floating production units and platforms (FPSO, SPAR and semi-submersibles).

Available applications

  • Mooring chain size: 4-7” (100-180mm).
  • Mooring chain pre-tension: 100-1,000MT.
  • Primary stopper capacity: 11,000-30,000kN.
  • Linear pulling speed: up to three metres per minute.
  • Push- or pull-type tensioner.

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