Subsea tension tool

A unique solution for underwater tensioning

For permanently moored floating platforms, such as FPSO’s and floating wind turbines it is important from a safety perspective to maintain the correct mooring line tension. We developed a portable subsea tension tool with numerous benefits compared to existing tensioning equipment.

  • Enhances safety
  • Reduces initial capex expenditure
  • Minimises operational costs
  • Extended lifetime of mooring line
  • Less deck equipment

Advanced subsea tensioning

The portable subsea tension tool will be used to tension the mooring line after hook-up, where it will be deployed and operated from a vessel. After tensioning, the tool can be retrieved by the vessel to be used on another mooring line. This way there is no need to have tensioning equipment on board of the floater which saves deck space.

The advantage of the tool is that what remains in the mooring line after tensioning is a standard certified H-link, which adds almost no extra weight. In addition, using a standard H-link for reconnection is also the reason that the tool can be used for re-tensioning existing mooring lines.

The subsea tension tool can be used for:

  • installation of new mooring lines

  • pre-stretching

  • re-tensioning

  • decommissioning

  • replacement of damaged mooring lines.

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