Underwater fairlead

Maintenance-free underwater fairlead for chain and wire, suitable for any floating production unit

The underwater fairlead is a self-contained, flagging style component that absorbs the high-tension top chain of the mooring line. It is positioned on the hull-side and is shell-mounted.


Unique Selling points

  • Low breakaway friction, minimises out-of-plane bending
  • ROV intervention, removal and replacement support
  • Highly tensile stainless steel shafts and pins
  • Class-approved maintenance-free bearings

An underwater fairlead for all purposes

Royal IHC designs and delivers underwater fairleads for chain and wire-rope applications, with – or without – a chain stopper for all water depths. Special attention has been paid to the design, and the selection of the materials and components to eliminate corrosion and minimise the effects of tension-to-tension and out-of-plane bending.

Available applications

  • Tension range: 25-1,000MT
  • Steel wire rope diameter range: 30-102mm
  • Chain size range: 2-7”
  • Integrated chain stopper (optional)
  • Seven pocket, European-style design 

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