Coiled tubing equipment

High-end solutions for offshore coiled tubing operations, with excellent after-sales support

Coiled tubing is used for oil and gas well intervention work – onshore and offshore – to improve well and reservoir performance. We design and manufacture coiled tubing equipment in various configurations, as well as the equipment’s components.

  • Custom design and build
  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to install, handle and operate 
  • Local supply and 24/7 after-sales service
  • High quality, low maintenance requirements and fast delivery

Coiled tubing solutions

We supply all the key elements of a coiled tubing unit, including the reel, injector head, power pack, control cabin, high pressure pump unit and power hose reel. With this complete set of equipment, customers can perform a number of important tasks that would normally require different tools through the use of a single system.

This integrated approach allows our customers to acquire, rent or lease a customised and optimised system that fits their specific needs and requirements – all from a single source.

Coiled tubing operations

Coiled tubing applications include matrix and fracture stimulation, wellbore cleanout, logging, perforating, nitrogen kickoff, sand control, drilling, cementing, well circulation, and mechanical isolation.

Coiled tubing is reeled from a drum, mounted on a skid frame, and transmits fluid or other materials through the tubing while it is being spooled. Pressure inside the tubing can reach 1,000 bar during injection. To minimise downtime, the drum can be removed and sent directly to the coiled tubing supplier for new product, with a secondary drum on standby for immediate replacement. 

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