Well intervention and module-handling vessels

IHC riserless light well intervention vessel

IHC’s riserless light well intervention vessel is specifically designed to enable the most efficient wireline and E-line re-entry of live subsea wells to rectify problems and restore product flow.

  • Multi-service capability including field development and decommissioning
  • Unique module-handling system enables deployment of SIL as a single component
  • Fully integrated saturation diving system
  • Proven vessel design, quality and performance

IHC riserless light well intervention vessel

Many subsea wells are over a decade old and require frequent well intervention to extend their productive life. Situated in water depths of up to 1,000m, a significant number of wells are in line for decommissioning.

Driven by market demand, we have developed a riserless light well intervention vessel that incorporates versatile multi-functionality and is capable of working all year round in the most hostile environments. The vessel has the following primary applications:

  • wireline well intervention
  • subsea construction
  • decommissioning (plug and abandonment)
  • SAT-diving and air diving operations
  • ROV support operations

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