Anchor handling tug supply vessel

State-of-the-art anchor handling vessel, designed for low opex

The IHC Packhorse® anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel series is designed to serve the offshore oil and gas industry with its anchor handling, towing, cargo supply, oil recovery, rescue and firefighting capabilities. The highly efficient hull form allows the AHTS to achieve low levels of fuel consumption during towing and cargo supply runs.

It features a hybrid mechanical and electric propulsion system, which provides flexible operational modes for manoeuvring, transit, dynamic positioning, towage operation, bollard pull boosting and anchor handling. The
fuel consumption, exhaust emission and vessel life-cycle costs are significantly reduced thanks to Royal IHC’s advanced hybrid propulsion technology, which adds a highly efficient propulsion system to its entire  operational profile.

A large-capacity waterfall double-drum anchor-handling towing (AHT) winch is installed on the deck for deep-water mooring, towing and anchor-handling operations. The IHC Packhorse® AHTS is built to comply with SPS regulations.

Unique Selling points

  • Flexible hybrid drive
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Versatile

IHC Packhorse®  AHTS series

The IHC Packhorse® AHTS series consist of the following vessels:

  • IHC Packhorse® AHTS 10 – a 100t bollard pull vessel
  • IHC Packhorse® AHTS 15 – a 150t bollard pull vessel
  • IHC Packhorse® AHTS 20 – a 200t bollard pull vessel


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