Multi purpose vessel

A multi purpose vessel suitable for a wide range of offshore activities

Royal IHC has developed the new standard for offshore field support. Thanks to its smart design, this DP3 vessel is suitable for a wide range of activities such as inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) work, construction support and rescue/standby operations. The two subsea cranes, two work-class ROVs, large deck space, and large accommodation and cargo capacities ensure a reliable solution for every challenge. Although the vessel design is very balanced, customer-specific demands can always be incorporated.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Balanced design
  • Class-leading capacities
  • Work deck area
  • 200 tonnes lifting capacity

IHC Supporter® class 20-108 IMR

The IHC SC 20-108 IMR is an all-round service and light-construction vessel for typical Oil and Gas fields that are either developed or will be developed in the future.
Larger capabilities such as the use of the 200-tonne main crane for the installation of subsea structures is a unique feature for a vessel of this kind, while long-term projects such as IMR activities (those that can be carried out with large crew numbers, the two cranes and the ROVs) are also within the scope of this vessel.

In addition, it has the functionality to support activities in an oil and gas field, for example standby operations, with its fast rescue crafts and fire-fighting installation. To complete the package, the IHC SC 20-108 IMR can also be used as a supply vessel thanks to its diverse tank configuration in the hold and the wooden work deck, which is excellent for on-deck activities and the transport of goods for platforms and FPSOs.

At IHC, we have effectively integrated these functionalities in a relatively compact design, but with the same performance, accommodation size, and deck and hold capacities of larger competitors. The main benefit of this highly efficient design is that costs will be kept to a minimum compared to other designs.


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