Offshore support vessels

IHC OSV T3000-20 - Next generation offshore support vessel

Royal IHC has developed a new class of vessels to address the growing need for IMR and light construction activity, the IHC OSV T3000-20. This high capability vessel combines the latest technology on a compact platform for lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Highest capability on the smallest footprint
  • Substantial improvements in workability
  • Innovative power and propulsion package
  • Compact platform

High capability, small footprint

The vessel has been optimised for ROV and light construction operations. A dedicated covered moonpool for the work-class ROV’s and the integration of the subsea crane result in substantial enhancement in workability. IHC’s proven hull form has been systematically verified and improved based on a strong track record. The power and propulsion package is a highly redundant fuel efficient hybrid system which significantly reduces maintenance costs and combines best of AC and DC grids, whilst having outstanding station-keeping abilities.


Applied philosophy

The vessel is designed in line with IHC’s Pinnacle of Performance design philosophy, putting substantial emphasis on crew comfort and efficiency. The IHC OSV T3000-20's workflow has been designed with maximum efficiency in mind while accommodation areas have been separated and offer a high degree of comfort. The vessel’s cabins and accommodation capacity is flexible and can be tailored up to a maximum complement of 88 people. 

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