Platform supply vessel

A series of efficient, high-capacity platform supply vessels

The IHC Packhorse® platform supply vessel (PSV) series has been designed for optimum cargo tank capacity, deck load, deck space, and fuel consumption. The vessel platform features a low-cost and reliable power and distribution system, which was developed by IHC Drives & Automation. Through seamless integration of the intelligent power management with electrical switchboards, the generated power is directly tuned into the ship’s requirements and all respective systems are constantly monitored and powered for optimal fuel usage.

The accommodation is designed with a focus on comfort, and the supply vessels fully comply with MLC 2006 requirements and SPS regulations.

Unique Selling points

  • Low fuel consumption
  • High deck load
  • High cargo tank capacity
  • Crew comfort

IHC Packhorse PSV series

The IHC Packhorse® PSV series includes the following vessels:

  • IHC Packhorse® PSV 3 – a 3,300t deadweight vessel
  • IHC Packhorse® PSV 4 – a 4,000t deadweight vessel
  • IHC Packhorse® PSV 5 – a 4,900t deadweight vessel


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