Flex-lay systems

An extensive track record in the delivery of flex-lay systems with proven operational performance

Our flex-lay systems are tailored to suit customer requirements. The systems we supply range from standard modular units to highly customised and bespoke designs, all with the same common focus – safety, efficiency and reliability.

  • Control system integration
  • Proven worldwide track record
  • Excellent usability and uptime
  • Tailored solutions to maximise combined experience
  • 24/7 support and remote access

The best solutions for pipe- and cable-laying operations

We design and build high performance, low risk flex-lay systems capable of installing power cables, umbilical cables and flexible pipelines. Close cooperation with our customers’ operators – combined with our industry experience – ensures we deliver the very best solutions.

A flex-lay system typically includes tensioners, the tower structure, aligner, centraliser, hang-off clamp and worktable. It is supported by associated deck equipment such as storage carousels, deck chutes, spooling tensioners and winches.

Reliable supplier of pipe- and cable-laying equipment

Our customers can enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that we have a proven track record in providing integrated flex-lay systems. Many of IHC’s systems have been successfully deployed in a number of challenging locations ranging from the ultra-deep pre-salt fields in Brazil, to shallower operations in the harsh North Sea environment.

In addition to building bespoke systems that meet a specific set of project requirements, we also offer modular rental flex-lay equipment. This flexible solution helps to support our customers in today’s rapidly evolving market.

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