Reel-lay systems

Reel-lay systems designed and built for optimum integration with the vessel to ensure maximum performance

We specialise in the design and delivery of tailor-made reel-lay systems – for both rigid and flexible pipelines – that deliver optimum performance, often within challenging vessel constraints.

  • Advanced functional safety to IEC 61508 standards
  • Tailored solutions to maximise combined experience
  • Longevity in harsh environments ensured through rigorous structural analysis
  • Workstation layout results in optimised efficiency
  • 24/7 support and remote access

High performance reel-lay systems 

We have an extensive track record in delivering reel-lay systems that exceed operator’s expectations. Each system is expertly built to ensure safety, performance and reliability.

Close cooperation with our customers’ operators – combined with our industry experience – ensures the delivery of a highly efficient pipelaying solution that meets often-demanding vessel constraints. Our design approach to optimise workspace arrangement results in high lay rates, as firing line operations are conducted more efficiently. 

Advanced design techniques 

We are able to deliver major systems is thanks to our teams of world-class engineers. These teams have developed advanced in-house design techniques ranging from fatigue analysis to pipe straightening methodology – and everything in between.

IHC has designed and constructed one of the most capable reel-lay systems to date. This system incorporates a number of superior and innovative features, such as an efficient PLET handling system, pivoting aligner wheel, auto-levelling access and piggyback system.

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