Royal IHC delivers tensioners for all pipe- and cable-laying applications with a track record of over 125 systems delivered worldwide

We design and deliver 2-track tensioners in both horizontal and vertical track configurations, and 4-track tensioners. Our range of tensioners is ideal for flexible, rigid (coated) pipe- or cable-laying operations.

  • Hydraulic suspension system for bulky item passage
  • Robust and maintenance-friendly design
  • Innovative tailored pad configurations for customer-specific pipes
  • Sophisticated control system developed in-house
  • Both horizontal and vertical design available

Range of tensioners available

  • Current tension range: 10-500t
  • Pipe OD range: 4-70” (concrete and PE/PP coated pipes) and 50-630mm (flexible/rigid pipes)
  • Configurations: 2-track (vertical or horizontal) and 4-track

Our range can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements, including variables such as friction coefficients, squeeze force and contact length. IHC tensioners have the unique capability to adjust track body position, with the pipe clamped, and to accurately maintain pipe tension.

Research and development (R&D)

Our R&D programmes ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology. One of the focus areas is pipe-pad friction technology. Specific coating-friendly pad materials have been developed for pipe coatings with a lower friction, such as PU/PP/PE pipe coatings, to optimise grip and maximise the installed capacity of a tensioner.

FEA methodology has been developed to optimise pad designs and to analyse pad-pipe friction behaviour. Our well-instrumented in-house test rig is also available to test friction on customer-specific pipes. 


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