Training simulator (pipelay)

Realistic training simulator for pipelaying operators reduces training costs, downtime and risks

Our simulator facilitates the training of PLV operators in pipelaying procedures and operational safety protocols. It also helps to improve cooperation with the deck crew, without the risk of damage, downtime or injuries.

  • Steep learning and experience curves for PLV operators
  • Better utilisation of the PLV, improved safety and less downtime
  • Realistic control consoles, process presentation and exterior view
  • Trainer can influence process, vessel and environmental parameters
  • Multiple-trainee classroom possible

Main features

Simulates the operational and safety aspects of flex-lay activities: pipe initiation, pipe abandonment, pipe recovery, pipe interconnection, and the installation of PLETs. The trainee controls the pipelay tower, while auxiliaries such as deck cranes are operated by the trainer, who interactively acts as the ‘deck crew’.

Other features include:

  • realistic exterior view of the working environment
  • free flying ‘camera’ for viewing any part of the vessel
  • adjustable weather/sea state conditions
  • job site parameters can be uploaded from survey data
  • ‘water’ can be drained to reveal a vivid impression of the pipe to be laid or recovered.

Models and extensions

  • Models based on state-of-the-art IHC knowledge of vessel and equipment behaviour and the pipelay process, developed in cooperation with marine operators.
  • Configurable for multiple PLV and lay tower configurations.
  • Includes full consoles, presentation, control and automation features of the real vessel(s).
  • Separate trainer desk for interaction with the training, environment and laying process.
  • The trainer can influence the process by changing important parameters, overruling settings or ‘losing a pipe’, for example. The trainee must then react accordingly.

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