Jet sleds

Flexible multi-pass tools for pipeline burial

Royal IHC provides jet sleds to assist with pipeline burial in soft seabed conditions. These can be provided with deeper burial capabilities, and for operations in deeper waters.

  • Suitable for a variety of products
  • Capable of burials in deeper water
  • Deployable by vessel crane

Multi-pass tools for ongoing operations 

The sea tempest shallow water jet sled is designed for pipeline burial in soft seabed conditions. It uses high-pressure, surface-fed water through forward-facing jetting nozzles to soften the seabed and allow product burial. An eduction system on board the sled removes material from the trench once fluidisation has occurred. Depth control is achieved using hydraulic actuation of the skids. The sled is a multi-pass tool that facilitates ongoing operations until the required burial depth is achieved. It is deployable using a vessel crane, allowing mobilisation on a range of vessels

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