Subsea vehicle launch and recovery systems

Reliable launch and recovery systems (LARS) for a wide range of equipment – from ROVs to pipeline ploughs

All Royal IHC launch and recovery systems (LARS) are designed to maximise productivity, provide a long and reliable service life and minimise operational costs. This is achieved through their robust design and high-quality construction.

  • Precise control
  • Increased operability
  • Minimal operational costs

Launch and recovery with precise control and increased operability

Royal IHC systems are the result of rigorous engineering design and practical knowledge acquired through experience in the harshest of conditions. We provide easy-to-use systems that allow precise and efficient control on launch and recovery operations.

Our tailor-made LARS offer increased flexibility and operability. For example, IHC can facilitate a wide angle linkage that allows the A-frame to be extended between angles of 0-160 degrees. This is achieved by using a single set of hydraulic cylinders, passive stabilising frames for the deployment of ploughs, and active snubber units for the recovery of subsea vehicles.

Proven experience in delivering LARS

Our extensive and proven track record includes the design and build of the portable launch and recovery system (PLARS) for the NATO submarine rescue system (NSRS), and the supply of a 95t SWL system for Canyon Offshore's mechanical trencher – I-Trencher.

IHC also delivered a bespoke LARS with a cursor winch arrangement to DeepOcean for the deployment of their Jet Trenching ROV.

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