Architectural fabrication

Co-design, engineering and build

Royal IHC’s architectural fabrication department realises projects worldwide by implementing innovative solutions during the design-and-build process.


Unique Selling points

  • Customised and integrated design and engineering service
  • Qualitative and quantitative production capacity
  • International performance

Innovative engineering and high-quality production solutions

Our added value is pragmatic support towards architects, artists and technicians by linking their professional worlds together. Since 1995, we have proudly served the AEC industry and worked with some of the world’s most respected designers on numerous projects.

IHC has been at the forefront of the shipbuilding industry since the 17th Century, and a global leader for over 100 years. We have extensive experience handling the largest, most complex marine fabrication projects around the globe.

As part of IHC, we provide capabilities beyond the scope of smaller fabricators, and provide economical, high-quality alternatives to conventional site-built construction.

An efficient partnership for customised projects

We help our customers to manage architectural fabrication from concept to construction. Thanks to our knowledge of 3D-geometric, CAD design, we can assist on any project from the initial phases through to the realisation of complex structures. By utilising specialist techniques, we are able to design innovative solutions for any requirements.

A ticket pavilion

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