Hydraulic systems

Fit-for-purpose design based on extensive application knowledge

Royal IHC’s hydraulic systems are delivered according to customer specification, and include power supplies, manifolds and auxiliaries. Our services include engineering, assembly, testing, hydraulic piping, flushing, on-site commissioning and refurbishment.
  • Principle engineering
  • Extensive application knowledge
  • No interface issues
  • Any third party certifications
  • Brand-independent

Hydraulics for heavy-duty operations, suitable for harsh on- and offshore conditions

We understand the importance of a smooth and continuous operation. Our hydraulic systems are engineered in-house according to the latest standards. We have extensive knowledge of:

  • active and passive heave compensation systems
  • trailing suction hopper dredging
  • cutter suction dredging
  • backhoe dredging
  • FPSO installation and offloading equipment
  • riser top-tensioning systems
  • jacking systems
  • telescopic gangways
  • pipe and cable-laying installations
  • module handling systems
  • offshore installation and handling tools
  • heavy industry
  • civil industry.

Available features

  • Electric powered hydraulic systems
  • Diesel powered hydraulic systems
  • Open loop hydraulic systems
  • Closed loop hydraulic systems
  • Secondary controlled hydraulic systems
  • Oil-based systems (synthetic or biodegradable)
  • Water-based systems (water-glycol or seawater)
  • Suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous environments
  • Motor control centre
  • Installed power ranges from 10kW to 3MW and up

Designed in accordance with all third party rules and regulations, including those related to lifting appliances, drilling appliances, man-riding operations, pressure engineering directives and CE marking.

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