Medusa® soil binder

A circular solution for construction

Underpinning Royal IHC’s dedication to building a sustainable future

Medusa® is a soil binder that glues soil into concrete-like structures. A wide variety of aggregates and waste materials, such as local sand, clay, silt and concrete rubble can be used in this process. This creates unique local-for-local and circular solutions which allows contractors to execute their construction projects in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.

  • Add value to waste and make use of low-cost aggregates
  • Avoid costs for soil disposal 
  • Avoid long haulage of resources 
  • Build with a low carbon footprint 
  • Benefit from performance characteristics of geopolymer concrete  


Medusa® can be used for in-situ casting and precasting and is highly suitable in the following circumstances:

  • Availability of low-cost aggregates
  • Availability of excavated or dredged aggregates that otherwise need to be disposed 
  • Long distance haulage for regular concrete-grand sand and gravel 
  • Need for high resistance to chloride, acid, sulphate, freeze-thaw or high temperatures
  • If high early strength development is attractive.

We develop tailor made recipes to adapt to project needs, the availability of aggregates and potential Medusa® ingredients. Typical Medusa® projects are for instance: 

  • Use dredged sand and silt to make coastal or river bank protection blocks
  • Make circular concrete structures by fully reusing grinded concrete waste
  • Use excavated soil to make a foundation layer for platforms or roads, or build these structures entirely with Medusa. 


Following field tests IHC is now pursuing demonstration projects for Medusa®

For demo applications a dedicated mobile plant, fully automated, is being developed. Local contractors only have to provide the aggregates to the plant. Cartridges provide the binder system in the correct quantities based on the bespoke recipe mix. The resulting mixture can be directly applied in moulds or free cast applications. When required we can adapt to regular concrete or mortar mixing equipment. We also have the capability to produce a small series of precast elements at our own site. 

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Medusa® - a solid solution

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