Medusa binder

Creating sustainable circular concrete

The Medusa soil binder is a sustainable alternative for cement. Medusa enables the use of a wide variety of sands and soil types to make concrete-like structures. From platforms to precast elements. Creating game-changing local-for-local and circular solutions. No use of primary aggregates are needed, reducing logistics and soil disposal costs. With a radically lower carbon footprint and better performance characteristics It is contributing to a future of sustainable construction.

  • Make use of low-cost secondary aggregates
  • Circular concrete
  • Local-for-local approach, reducing negative effects of logistics
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Unrivalled performance characteristics

Getting started with Medusa

IHC Medusa is in its start-up stage. We focus on demonstration projects in the Netherlands and are exploring opportunities in other countries. Please contact us if you are interested in a demo project.

For our local-for-local proposition, the client supplies (local) aggregates to our mixing plant. We mix the aggregates with the Medusa binder and deliver the concrete for application.

We are developing a dedicated mobile plant to execute the local-for-local process. In the meantime we use regular mixing equipment. We can also make a small series of precast elements at our own site.

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