IHC Seaweed solutions

Unlock the potential of seaweed with IHC’s seeding and harvesting technology

The potential of seaweed is vast. It is a sustainable, carbon-negative ingredient for use in cosmetics, pharma and food. However, farm mechanisation is needed to realise its true potential. Royal IHC offers harvesting and seeding machines that allow seaweed farmers to speed up operations. This enables farm upscaling and drives down costs. With better working conditions as the machines do the hard work.

  • Increase speed of harvesting and seeding
  • Turnkey solutions - Harvester is installed on your workboat
  • Sale, rental and lease options 
  • European quality and safety standards (CE)

Realise costs savings and higher production with our seaweed machines

Our product range focuses on rope-based cultivation systems and can work with a variety of seaweed species such as Kelp and Gracilaria.

The Harvester offers trimming and scraping. Depending on rope length time savings of 50-90% are within reach. Operations only require two persons per machine. The machine also delivers a more consistent quality of seaweed. We work with food-grade quality materials to satisfy regulations.

We offer Seeding machines for twine seeding and direct seeding. Both machines increase seeding speed up to 80- 90% and reduce the human effort needed to handle the ropes.

Getting our products to your farm

The harvester and seeder machines are available for sale. Rental solutions are also possible to account for seasonality and to test our products.

We can also engineer custom solutions depending on your cultivation system and workboat set-up. We install the harvester onboard to facilitate a smooth transition to a new way of working.

Please get in touch to explore the possibilities for your farm.