Design and Engineering services

Design and Engineering services

Alongside the design and engineering of vessels and equipment built by our own shipyards, we are engaged by ship owners and shipyards around the world to support them with a range of ship design and engineering services. Typically these solutions are tailored to customer requirements.   

Our customers benefit from: 

  • an unparalleled track record in projects of all sizes
  • the engineering power of over 500 engineers
  • extensive experience in equipment integration and design
  • all disciplines in-house and full scope – from feasibility studies to workshop drawings 
  • design for production.

Scheme design and engineering services

Our integrated approach allows for a controlled development of a ship design or shipbuilding project. In effect, this starts with the development of a concept and continues up to a production information package, which ensures that the desired functionality of the vessel is achieved and the construction risk removed.
Customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our large number of returning international customers, whose feedback is used to continuously improve our design and engineering projects, and their execution.  
Our comprehensive scope of engineering services can be further explored on the following pages. 


Feasibility and design studies

Many projects start with a feasibility or design study. Early involvement allows us to translate our customers’ ideas and business cases into comprehensive ship design studies, but also feasibility projects for new equipment.



Concept design and basic engineering

Our design and engineering experts not only bring their comprehensive knowledge of operations and equipment, but also detailed experience of the multiple types of vessels across various markets. IHC designs are simple and proven where possible, but also ground-breaking when required. 



Detailed and production engineering

Ship engineering is part of our DNA. Shipyards all over the world trust IHC’s detailed and production engineering capabilities for straightforward solutions. 



Life-cycle engineering

IHC’s life-cycle engineering services help you ensure your operational vessels and equipment are in optimum shape for ongoing, extended and new operations. We translate your requirements into functional designs for modifications, renovations and upgrades on all equipment and systems.



Specialised engineering solutions

Alongside the design and engineering services that support our core markets, IHC is active in a number of other sectors, where we deliver specific expertise to shipowners and shipyards.  



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