Equipment design

Design to function

Vuyk delivers practical designs for new equipment or conversions to facilitate complex operations. As both mechanical engineers and naval architects, Vuyk can consider and include vessel integration and operational aspects within their designs.

  • Independent, client-specific, no-nonsense, and safe designs
  • Simple and proven when possible. Ground-breaking when required
  • Integration of marine operations and vessel  knowledge
  • Practical experience combined with theoretical background
  • Experience with multiple types of equipment in various markets
  • Structural and (hydro)dynamic expertise available in-house

Different operations require different equipment

Vuyk supplies mostly unique client-specific equipment for the offshore, renewable, dredging and mining, and salvage and decommissioning markets.

Examples include:

  • A-frames and lifting beams
  • handling equipment
  • rock installation systems
  • jacking systems
  • cutter ladders
  • hopper pipes
  • cable-lay equipment.

From concept to detailed design

The level of detail of the design will suit the phase of the project. From feasibility studies and concept design to fabrication, we provide the following:

  • arrangements
  • structural design
  • functional specification
  • specification of drives or hydraulic cylinders.

 Our designs exclude nesting or cutting plans and hydraulic or electrical controls.

Being part of IHC makes it possible to offer more than Vuyk’s in-house expertise, and a wider scope of services than design and engineering if requested by the client.

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