Feasibility and design studies

Beyond ship design studies, we turn our customers’ ideas into workable concepts.

Many projects start with a feasibility or design study. Early involvement allows us to translate our customers’ ideas and business cases into comprehensive ship design studies, but also feasibility projects for new equipment.

  • Flexible and customer-oriented
  • Operational know-how
  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Optional in-house follow-up into FEED


The goal of a feasibility or design study is to define and develop an optimised solution which meets the customer’s functional and operational requirements. Projects are typically initiated with a series of workshops in which we jointly explore requirements and potential solutions, optionally supported by site visits, onboard measurements or other means of data gathering. 

Total cost of ownership is paramount during the development of the project, which may result in a newbuild project or a conversion/upgrade of an existing asset. Deliverables of the project are configurable but can include concept drawings, outline specifications, project planning or rough order of magnitude estimates.

Multi-disciplinary approach

IHC has the ability to mobilise a multi-disciplinary team which can consist of a mix of naval architects, equipment designers and operational specialists, unique for any ship designer. We work closely with different competence centres within IHC but also with external consultants if this benefits the project, providing our customers with a comprehensive and complete final result. The outcome of the project can be followed-up by concept or front-end engineering design (FEED). 



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