IRIS - Integrated and remote intelligence solutions

Personal digital assistant by providing you operational intelligence on your vessels

IRIS is a global connected platform that provides our customers with operational intelligence on their vessels that helps them to make better informed data-driven decisions. 
  • Ability to quickly respond to deviations in the asset performance to take corrective actions immediately
  • Dashboard to compare assets in your fleet for operational and staff performance, safety, etc
  • Access historical data for future tenders and project preparation
  • Data-driven insights to resolve issues more quickly and at lower costs
  • Availability of pro-active advice on operational efficiency and dredging consultancy from IHC

What does IRIS offer?

IRIS is a digital assistant co-created with our customers to make sure that we answer their specific needs and requirements. It gives insights in parameters such as production, dredging hours, fuel consumption, and more...

Remote connect and monitor

IRIS provides remote 24/7 asset monitoring with real-time performance indicators. Via a personal digital connected dashboard available on different devices, users can access to the data anytime, anywhere.

Remote support and consultancy

For technical issues and operational efficiency IHC is available on demand. Our dredging consultants are happy to share their expertise and experience to help you increase performance.

Available features

IHC offers different service packages, consisting of the below features:

  • Monitor operational efficiency (e.g. fuel consumption and dredging activity)
    • Daily, weekly, monthly and project overview
    • Individual vessels or complete fleet performance
  • Steering decision dashboards
  • Automatic daily operations reports
  • Weekly and monthly managerial reports available
  • Technical and operational support hours available
  • Use machine learning algorithms to optimize operational efficiency

For more information about the options, the product leaflet is available for download.  

  • Video IRIS - Integrated and remote intelligence solutions - by Royal IHC

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