IHC’s digital market intelligence portal

IHC Searchlight is a stand-alone digital market intelligence portal. It gathers and unlocks all market, customer and competitor information in an easy and intuitive manner and enables in-depth operational analysis.

Searchlight will act as a single source of truth within your company, promoting sharing of information and drive fact based decision making among market analysts, dredging managers and asset managers.

  • Identify new business opportunities based on operational and market insights
  • Improved project win-ratio through competitive intelligence
  • Share information throughout the company 
  • Up-to-date information on vessel specifications and dredge projects worldwide

Actionable operational and market insights

Next to vast amount of data Searchlight also offers a range of analytical tools to generate actionable insights and competitive intelligence. You can: 

  • Benchmark the performance of dredging and offshore vessels against competition using artificial intelligence
  • Get to know how other companies execute complex projects
  • Know the uptime, status and location history of all vessels.

This digital solution is offered in various subscription based service models or can be tailored in co-creation.

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