An Artificial Intelligence powered cognitive search and knowledge mining service.

Sherlock is a cognitive search and knowledge mining service, co-created together with OrangeNXT. It is designed to reduce the time to find the correct information within your company and trained to understand maritime and offshore specific terminology. Within seconds, it can search through unstructured information stored in multiple different databases such as drawings, manuals, certifications, scanned documents, reports, contracts etc. This allows employees to spend time on other value adding tasks rather than waiting on and searching for the necessary information.

  • Drastically reduced time on finding information across multiple systems and sources
  • A single, combined and searchable source for all technical knowledge withing the company
  • Quickly –  and without any special efforts – integrates existing source systems ensuring a fast time to market for your search solution

How does it work?

1: Connectors fetch documents from different data sources in the existing architecture.
2: AI algorithms crack open and index these documents after which
3: People can use the interface to search through all connected documents.

Sherlock is available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Optional functionality

Web application – The Sherlock web application allows a step based search. Different search terms and addition filters allow for a more controlled search based on source systems, document types, projects etc.

Offline/remote availability – One of the many applications of Sherlock is on board of a vessel itself, instantly troubleshooting and finding the right fix. In order to assist during remote operations it is possible to make Sherlock offline available.

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