Planned maintenance

There is no better time than uptime

Efficient and effective maintenance is essential for keeping your vessel performing at its best. We are able to support your preventive maintenance needs through our planned maintenance system, and condition surveys and monitoring.
  • Complete maintenance solutions
  • Marine operational experience
  • Expertise in vessel design and technical installations
  • Worldwide cooperation with experienced companies
  • Global service centres and stock locations 

Planned maintenance system

Planning maintenance jobs has never been easier. The planned maintenance system allows you to develop a maintenance forecast, using information on equipment configuration, planned maintenance tasks, spare parts and documentation. You can then order spare parts by synchronising the on-board system with a fleet management system. 

By using a planned maintenance system as part of a normal maintenance routine, you can increase uptime and reduce total maintenance and repair costs.

Condition survey and monitoring

Regular condition surveys provide you with an insight into the condition and maintenance needs of  equipment. We give specific advice on maintenance and the required spare parts. During the survey, your equipment will mostly remain operational.

To get a complete overview, additional condition monitoring allows you to check the condition – and recurring trends – of installations through vibration measurements, and thermography and oil analysis.

Our design and building knowledge, combined with our worldwide operational and maintenance experience, provides you with a unique opportunity to reduce OPEX and unplanned downtime. We achieve this in cooperation with a team of partners who have expertise with various monitoring techniques.

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