Offshore rental services

Get the most out of your project

We offer the short- and medium-term rental of modular and flexible mission equipment to contractors operating in the offshore market. This enables them to cost-effectively execute projects for a short period of time.
  • Global support 
  • Risk reduction
  • Rapid mobilisation
  • Responsive to project-specific needs
  • Integrated solutions

No job is too small

Our services range from the short-term rental of a single piece of equipment to complete life-cycle rental solutions. There are flexible options to finance, lease or rent equipment depending on your needs – even for custom-designed and adapted projects and equipment. 
IHC’s long history of support services – with expertise in hydraulics, electricals, control systems, deck configurations, integration and fastenings – ensures that you are able to configure your vessel with the most suitable equipment, all tailored to the specific project.

Complete project support

Our team of experts works closely with customers to identify their needs in order to develop an optimised solution. We then work alongside them to ensure that all equipment is operating at the maximum level of efficiency for the duration of the project. 
We are able to provide support in the following areas:

  • modification engineering to prepare the existing equipment or vessel (if necessary)
  • assistance during the installation of fit-for-purpose, high-performance mission equipment
  • commissioning of rented equipment
  • ongoing operational support and expertise
  •  assistance in demobilisation and deck renovation works.

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