Application of RACM - Online

For crew responsible for the operations with the Radio Active Concentration Meter

The Radioactive Concentration (RAC)-course will take one day. Participants will be prepared to safely operate the radioactive concentration meter. The course is not intended for engineers responsible for the maintenance of the RAC device. 

Learning goals

  • Safe working with the radioactive concentration meter while dredging
  • Understand and apply the correct settings [open/closed] of the RAC device
  • Gain knowledge about radiation and implementation in dredging equipment. 


Within the course the following subjects are covered:

  • Measurement of the slurry concentration
  • What is radiation?
  • The principle of radioactivity which is used during measurement
  • The dangers of radioactivity
  • The construction and settings of the concentration meter
  • Operational instructions 
  • Safety precautions, legislation and rules


The training will consist of lectures and discussions given online making use of MS Teams.



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