CSD maintenance training

For cutter suction dredger engineers

The IHC Training Institute offers a maintenance training programme for the owners and crew of cutter suction dredgers. It covers all aspects of dredging equipment, such as electric installations and hydraulic systems. The course focuses on planned maintenance, condition-based monitoring and troubleshooting (corrective maintenance).

Learning goals

  • Learn to perform inspections
  • Learn preventive maintenance
  • Enhanced troubleshooting skills
  • Increased technical knowledge
  • Learn to read dredger schematics

Training topics

The programme covers:

  • the design features of IHC equipment
  • maintenance 
  • measuring – and reporting – wear and tear 
  • hydraulic systems
  • mechanical systems and components 
  • electrical and/or PLC systems 
  • troubleshooting. 

Training methods

The course includes presentations, discussions and workshops. Trainees will perform practical assignments onboard the dredger during the training programme. In addition, time is allocated for participants to discuss their queries or the challenges they might face in the field. 

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