On-the-job CSD operator training

For dredge masters of cutter suction dredgers

IHC’s on-the-job training programme will strengthen and consolidate the knowledge and skills of attendees. The operators can then put what they learn into practice on a daily basis and improve the overall efficiency of their dredger.

Learning goal

  • Learn to operate the dredger
  • Increased dredger efficiency
  • Enhanced operational safety
  • Improved understanding of dredging operations
  • Optimised dredging processes

Training topics

The exact training programme will be determined on board the vessel and depends on the type of dredger, the skill level of dredge masters and the current situation.
Possible topics include:

  • start-up procedures 
  • emergencies 
  • dredging processes
  • maintenance 
  • optimisation of dredging processes
  • reporting. 

Training methods

The course involves the operation of your own dredging equipment. Highly-skilled and experienced dredge masters will provide practical instructions and offer industry-leading advice on board your vessel. 

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