On-the-job TSHD operator training

For maritime officers and pipe operators on trailing suction hopper dredgers

The course involves the operation of your own dredging equipment. Highly skilled and experienced Dutch dredge masters will provide practical instructions on board of the vessel. 
This on-the-job training will strengthen and consolidate the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of the operators. They can then bring their knowledge and skills in to practice during their daily duties and improve the overall efficiency of the dredger.

Learning goals

  • Enhanced ability to operate dredgers in an economical and safe way
  • Improved understanding of the practical aspects in dredge operations
  • Increased ability to use skills and knowledge on board a dredger

Traning topics

This course is open to crews from all IHC dredgers. The exact agenda will be determined onboard and depends on the type of dredger and on the current situation. Events occurring onboard during the training can be used as examples in the training programme. Potential subjects include: 

  • desk controls 
  • start-up and shut-down procedures 
  • manoeuvering procedures  
  • dredging procedures  
  • dredging in different soil types 
  • operational optimisation for challenging situations 
  • production optimisation 
  • safety procedures 
  • use of dredging automation.

Training methods

An experienced IHC dredge master will visit your vessel and outline the latest tips and techniques on how to operate your dredger efficiently. The trainee will practice these operational procedures and the progress will be reported in the training logbook. 
The improved output of the dredging vessel can then be measured by IHC’s in-house developed mobile application. The daily training programme will depend on the type of project, the situation on board and your individual training needs.

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