Project staff training

Training for technical and operational staff

Managing a dredging project requires specific skills and knowledge. The objective of project staff training is to improve the capabilities of trainees. The intensive five-day course covers the tools and techniques required to guide a project in an interactive way.

Learning goals

  • Set-up dredging projects and optimise running dredging projects
  • Calculate and interpret the cost of dredging projects based on industry standards
  • Perform risk analyses
  • Set-up the overall and financial planning
  • Know how to follow up a dredging project

Training topics

The course will give insight on the following topics: 

  • different dredging applications within ports, rivers, and coastal areas, such as maintenance dredging, capital dredging and environmental dredging
  • dredging equipment types and boundaries for their use 
  • cutter suction and trailing suction hopper dredger layout and components 
  • practical aspects of dredging operations 
  • fundamentals of hydraulic transportation and dredge pumps 
  • scoping site conditions, for example soil characteristics, environmental aspects and meteorological condition
  • dredge project phases, including identification, investigation, feasibility studies, design, construction and maintenance
  • dredge project management, including costs and contracts. 

Training methods

A mix of presentations, technical lectures, discussions and group assignments will be carried out in the classroom during the training programme. 

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