Pumps and slurry transportation training

For technical staff

Pumping slurry is a complex and important process. During the training course, emphasis is put on the hydraulic transport of solid-water mixtures with centrifugal pumps and through pipeline systems. The programme is aimed at project office engineers, and R&D and design engineers.

Learning goals

  • Analysing the processes involved in hydraulic slurry transport
  • Performing pump calculations
  • Assessing the interaction between pump, drive and pipelines

Training topics

The course will focus on different aspects of the pump and slurry process, such as:

  • dredge pump and drive characteristics 
  • dynamic effects (pump and drives)
  • pipeline systems 
  • the interaction between pump, drive and pipelines
  • the influence of solid particles 
  • dynamic effects in the pump – pipeline systems  
  • the fundamentals of hydraulic transportation and dredge pumps. 

Training methods

This course is practical and case-driven. Practical problems are used to teach the theoretical background of the pump and slurry transport processes. Cases are also used to improve the problem-solving skills of attendees. 

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