Safety training

For operators, project engineers and technicians

The safety training can help to reduce the number of accidents, ensure compliance with industry regulations and transform the safety culture within your company. It will prepare a crew for emergencies, reduce the number of accidents and  minimise employee exposure to hazardous situations.

Learning goals

  • Refresh knowledge and skill to effectively follow safety procedures
  • Identify dangerous situations in an early stage
  • Knowledge of  the current safety regulations
  • Contribute to the company ‘safety culture’

Training topics 

The following subjects will be addressed during the training: 

  • safety regulations and safety certificates
  • safe working routines and conditions for working on board a dredger
  • safety observation on board
  • safety checks on certificates of equipment and personnel
  • hazard identification meetings (HAZID)
  • personnel protective equipment (PPE)
  • safety equipment installed on board
  • safety documents and a reporting system for safety
  • simulation of accident occurring on board (safety drill).

Training methods

The trainer will assess the safety situation on board the vessel and will focus on any situation needing attention. The fundamentals of safe operation of machinery and safety equipment are explained in a classroom. The course will be concluded with a safety drill.

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