TSHD maintenance training

For mechanical/engine room engineers and officers on TSHDs

The uptime and availability of your equipment are critical to achieving production targets. Each engineer must be familiar with the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment on board. 
During IHC’s TSHD maintenance training programme, the initial operational procedures will be outlined and participants will be familiarised with the basic practical aspects of operating and maintaining the machinery on board. 

Learning goals

  • Familiarisation with manuals/document structure
  • Enhanced ability to read technical drawings
  • Increased ability to find the fault of most common alarms 
  • How to find the maintenance interval in the documentation
  • General troubleshooting and maintenance

Training topics

The following operational modes, procedures and maintenance of on board machinery will be covered:

  • main engines
  • thermal oil, oil separators and boosters
  • cooling water and fuel transfer systems
  • propulsion systems
  • hydraulic installations
  • dredge pumps
  • valves and gland pumps
  • bilge, ballast and firefighting pumps. 

Training methods

The TSHD maintenance training programme is a practical course containing theoretical sessions. The schedule will cover a mixture of technical presentations and practical exercises that will be carried out in the classroom and on board your vessel. 
Ideally, participants should have a technical education and a solid knowledge of the English language.

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