TSHD operator training - Online

For maritime officers & pipe operators of trailing suction hopper dredgers

Operators of trailing suction hopper dredgers will have the opportunity to further enhance their skills during this course. Dredging processes and the way of working will be addressed and extensively explained.

Learning goals

  • Gain detectable knowledge and skills to run an efficient operation on a TSHD.
  • Describe and explain the significant components and basic operations
  • Familiarise with TSHD automation and control systems like SCADA, STPM, DLM
  • Describe and explain governing processes in TSHD load and discharge operations


All topics that will be addressed in this training aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of the trainees, such as:

  • Operational preparation
  • Dredging procedures
  • Dredging in challenging situations
  • Practical Aspects
  • Desk controls
  • Basic dredging
  • Startup & shut down procedures
  • Hydraulic transport process
  • Loading and settlement process
  • Suction process
  • Dumping process and procedures
  • Emergency procedures


An integrated approach of theoretical and practical training by means of lectures, assignments and a CSD simulator. The training will be executed online making use of MS Teams.



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