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2-3 March Introduction in dredging - online For newcomers in the management area of the dredging industry

Gain solid insight in dredging, port maintenance and reclamation projects during this two-day introduction. Develop knowledge about the wide variety of dredging equipment and deployment. Become familiar with soil parameters, constraints and environmental issues and gain insight in the dredging practice by means of various project cases from the field. The course is designed for both technical and non-technical management professionals in dredging-related industries. Read More

16 March  Radioactive concentration course - online For those who operate the radioactive concentration meter (RAC)
The RAC course is an recommended training to become a skilled user of the radioactive concentration meter. Get familiarized with working with a concentration meter and take responsibility for the safe use of the device. This course covers relevant information about radiation in general as well as the specific properties, design and assembly of the radioactive concentration meter. All necessary actions and precautions to work safely with the device will be covered in this course. Read More
5-16 April General dredging course - online For those who have a technical education and seek to expand their expertise in the field of dredging
After following this two-week intensive training you’ve become knowledgeable in the field of dredge equipment selection, dredging technology and production, soil characteristics and site investigation, constraints and environmental aspects, contracts and project management. This executive dredging course includes guest lectures of professionals in the field and opportunities for networking. The training also includes subgroup workshops, deepening assignments and individual e-learning modules. Read More

3-7 May CSD operator training - online   For those who operate a cutter suction dredger (CSD) with a minimum of one year experience.
Learn to effectively operate the cutter suction dredger and increase your production. This intensive five-day course focuses on operational aspects such as the way of working, development of a dredge plan, as well as relevant knowledge of maintenance, soil characteristics, hydraulic transport, floating lines, sandfill and auxiliaries. Daily guided camera tours on the CSD simulator with room for questions and discussion will enhance the teaching content. Challenge yourself to use the most effective dredging strategy to increase production and reduce costs, wear and fuel consumption. Read More

10-14 May TSHD operator training - online For operators who are, or will be working with a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD)
Improve your understanding of the components and deployment of the vessel as well as theoretical and practical aspects of possible dredge operations. Learn to operate and optimise a TSHD in an economic and safe way. The course focuses on the operational aspects like loading and discharging and optimisation of the processes as well as relevant knowledge of instruments and automation, soil characteristics, hydraulic transport and maintenance. Daily guided tours on the TSHD simulator with room for questions and discussion will enhance the teaching content. Get a deep understanding of TSHD dredge processes to further optimise TSHD trip cycle production. Read More

For more information and registration please send an email to: training@royalihc.com.