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The IHC Training Institute regularly organises open courses that are accessible to individual participants. These standardised dredge training courses enable contractors, port authorities, NGOs, equipment providers, governments and research institutes to cost effectively get their employees trained on dredge operations and dredging equipment.


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General Dredging Course

For those who have a technical education and seek to expand their expertise in the field of dredging
After following this two-week intensive training you’ve become an expert in the field of dredge equipment selection, project management, site investigations, dredging technology, contracts and project management. This executive dredging course caters several excursions, guest lectures of professional out the field and opportunities for networking. The training also includes a one-day operational experience on IHC’s dredge simulators. Read More


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Introduction in Dredging

For newcomers in the industry
Gain solid insight in dredging, port maintenance and reclamation projects during this two-day introduction. Develop knowledge about the wide variety of dredging equipment, become familiar with soil parameters and gain insight in the dredging practice by means of various project cases from the field. Read More


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Radioactive concentration meter course

For those who operate the radioactive concentration meter (RAC)
The RAC is an mandatory training to become a certified user of the radioactive concentration meter. Graduates are qualified to work with a concentration meter. Read More


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Pumps & slurry transportation course

For those who have a high level of technical education and expertise in the field of dredging
You will be able to explain the physical processes involved in hydraulic slurry transport and perform pump calculations after this advanced four day training. The emphasis is put on the hydraulic transport of solids-water mixtures with centrifugal pumps and through pipeline systems on a detailed level. This training provides extensive theoretical background information in combination with practical cases. Read More


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TSHD operator training

For those who have a high level of technical education and expertise in the field of dredging
For operators who will be working with a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Learn to operate and optimise a TSHD in an economic and safe way. Improve your understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of dredge operations. Get a deep understanding of TSHD dredge processes to further optimise TSHD trip production. Read More

For more information and registration please send an email to: training@royalihc.com.