Surpassing your expectations

IHC Dredging sets out to deliver the best performance. By understanding your specific activities, we design and build our trailing suction hopper dredgers to fit all your operational needs. Achieving optimal efficiency and sustainability across the entire dredging cycle, we ensure maximum returns for everyone.

Creating the most efficient TSHD is a continuously evolving process

IHC Dredging’s mission is to deliver the best performance from its vessels. We design and build our trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) to achieve maximum operational efficiency across the entire dredging cycle, as well as upholding current and future sustainability standards.

In matching the business case of a customer, we aim at maximum efficiency across specific dredging operation(s). As there are many variables, such as dredging depth, soil conditions, and sailing distances, the design criteria – as well as the optimal solution – is always different.  

Regardless of the operation, we aim to deliver the lowest cost per cubic metre of dredged material. And we never stand still – continuous research and development has enabled us to constantly improve the performance of our dredging equipment, balance the economics of a vessel and deliver maximum sustainability.

In order to help our customers choose the best vessel, we work together with them to analyse their specific activities. But this also has to harmonise with the fabrication process to ensure that our vessels deliver on our promise. In addition, we use feedback from in-house developed tools such as Searchlight to improve our designs and better understand specific local requirements.


Our approach

How to design and build the most efficient TSHD

Applying the right information

Acquiring data is only the beginning. Knowing what to do with such information is the crucial next step. We use actionable performance data to improve our product offering, and use the learnings from this data to pave the way for continuous improvement and optimisation.

Customer cooperation

Royal IHC designs and constructs highly efficient TSHDs in close collaboration with our customers. We draw upon our wealth of experience to determine the most versatile vessel for optimal dredge cycle performance, aligned perfectly with a customer’s individual business case.

Design considerations and customisation

We build specific business use cases that ensure a vessel is designed to deliver optimal performance efficiency. Having so-called dredge ‘platforms’ also enables quick decisions during the concept design phase, as well as allowing for crossovers and comparisons with customised designs.

Integrated capabilities

From detailed, well thought-out production drawings through to the on-site commissioning, testing and sea trials, all of Royal IHC’s processes are integrated, controlled and monitored. We also use customer feedback and continuous analysis of vessel performance to further improve and innovate our production processes.

Quality control and safety

Our in-house production operations are organised as efficiently as possible, and our customers benefit from our focus on quality control, transparency, and environmental protection. Safety is also given the highest priority throughout the production process and through the company-wide safety programme – ‘I-CARE’ – with the goal of becoming a zero-accident workplace.

Skilled personnel (fabrication)

Our decades of experience and craftsmanship have made us experts in the production of TSHDs. But Royal IHC also aims to build on its existing knowledge through its Technical Training Centre (TOC). It offers young people the opportunity to learn the art of shipbuilding, and turn theory into practice.

Sourcing and analysing data

The Searchlight portal allows Royal IHC to monitor the performance of the global dredging fleet. By comparing our operational data with that of our competitors, we can advise customers on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for their needs, and ensure that a vessel is optimally designed for its intended purpose.

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