Optimal performance requires integrated capabilities

At Royal IHC, we understand how – and where – the fabrication of a TSHD takes place can greatly influence its operational efficiency throughout its life cycle. We also recognise that high quality and thorough production ultimately results in a more sustainable performance of the dredger. Our customers continue to request that their dredgers be built at our production facilities in The Netherlands, because they are clear about the advantages on offer. 

Our decades of experience and craftsmanship have not only made us experts in the production of TSHDs, but we are also able to look at ways of increasing vessel efficiency and sustainability. Customers are able to benefit from a wealth of highly skilled production personnel who are dedicated to ensuring that quality, transparency, environmental protection and safety are given the highest priority throughout the production process.

Optimal vessel performance begins with integrated design produced in-house

Our customers demand high levels of performance and efficiency from their vessels and there are many reasons why we are able to deliver on both these counts. Unlike many other suppliers – which source components manufactured all over the world – we believe that the road to optimal vessel performance begins with an integrated design produced in-house. This can then evolve if necessary because it is not dependent on the constraints of third-party cooperation.

By having our dredge equipment production facilities located in-house in Kinderdijk we are able to offer a one-stop shop to our customers, which is a considerable advantage throughout all stages of a new vessel’s journey from conception to delivery.

Additionally, having all of our disciplines together under one roof facilitates an easy and open communication between the design, engineering and production departments. This means that we can organise production as efficiently as possible to deliver quality TSHDs to customers on time – and to the exacting demands of their briefs. 

Integrated, controlled and monitored processes

From detailed, well thought-out production drawings through to the on-site commissioning, testing and sea trials, all of Royal IHC’s processes are integrated, controlled and monitored. A TSHD’s design is translated and brought to life during fabrication by skilled personnel who are present and accountable throughout every step of the quality-controlled process. If required, Royal IHC can also supervise construction work at other locations, in line with customer needs. 

All of the above factors contribute to Royal IHC having not only the expertise but also a proven track record in welcoming the challenges of our customers and working closely with them to design, construct and launch the best-performing, most efficient TSHD for their specific requirements.

But we don’t stop there. Using the invaluable feedback of our customers and through continuous analysis of vessel performance, we are able to further improve and innovate our production processes – as well as our designs – creating a strong platform to address the challenges of the future, today.

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