Ensuring a mine reaches its full potential

At IHC Mining we understand that in the mining industry, customers are in it for the long term, and we recognise the value of cultivating decades-long partnerships with mining companies all over the world. To have a positive impact on our customers’ operations, we welcome the opportunity to be involved in a project as early as possible.

This begins with IHC Mining understanding a customer’s unique challenges, and from this point, we are proud to go hand-in-hand with them for the full value cycle of a deposit. This extends from before the exploration phase, right through to live operations and beyond. Based on the available data, IHC Mining’s geological team can first advise about prospective areas, where to drill, and whether the expected reserves are of economic value.

From this point, IHC Mining’s metallurgical team conducts detailed test work, and scoping and feasibility studies to better understand the ‘product’ and can even field independent technical questions (for example, from bankers and financiers) on behalf of its customers. It is this in-house expertise, and seamless transition through the process steps, that allows IHC Mining to act as a true extension of its customers’ teams.

In addition, our meticulous attention to detail has allowed IHC Mining to build a strong track record in the industry. Customers trust the advice we offer before making any significant investments, which also gives them long-term peace of mind. This industry leading support extends through the engineering and delivery phases, right up to ‘nameplate capacity’, which could be a period of several years.  

Although IHC Mining has the capabilities to offer support at every stage – from geological and metallurgical test work, through to exploration and project delivery, we are set apart by our flexibility. By continually acting on the best interests of our customers and with full impartiality, IHC Mining uses its expertise to harmonise the best solutions per individual operation, and ensures that maximum value is derived from any mining project.  

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