Fit-for-purpose vessels and equipment

Everything IHC Mining does is advanced by study work. Using the insights collected from test work and other studies, and in close cooperation with our customers, IHC Mining designs and delivers cutting-edge equipment, vessels and solutions for any specific operation. 

All mining operations require careful planning when it comes to CAPEX investments. On a commercial basis, IHC Mining can define the ideal solutions for a customer across various levels. Not only in terms of what the equipment should do and how it should operate, but also ensuring that it matches the specific business case perfectly. This process begins even before a single design had been created, during the geological and metallurgical studies.

These studies provide the necessary input to develop solutions that are a match for the conditions, geology and processes at the mine site. By using our industry expertise, and through compiling different ideas and components to create customised solutions, IHC Mining ensures that our customers can easily achieve their desired performance. Our customers can also be sure of reduced downtime, better maintainability, and a longer lifetime for the assets. 

IHC Mining is also recognised for its ability to tailor new concepts to individual requirements, resulting in bespoke pieces of equipment. The end solutions are always the result of careful analysis, a collaborative design and build process, and IHC Mining’s in-depth understanding of the entire mining life cycle.