Partnering over the entire mining life cycle

IHC Mining has a continued focus on making its overall offering in the mining industry as valuable as possible to its customers. Many years ago, the main interest in the market would have been about equipment in isolation, but we recognised that this is only the beginning of the story. 

By using our combined knowledge of materials, processes and equipment, our approach allows us to look for improvement opportunities across the mining life cycle, from scoping and feasibility studies, right through to delivery and beyond. Using our expertise and experience, we not only provide state-of-the-art solutions tailored to individual demands, but also have the capabilities to optimise equipment long in the future. 

This ensures that any solution IHC Mining delivers is constantly working at maximum efficiency, even if circumstances change. In the mining industry, this could be a period lasting several decades, so it’s vital to select a partner that is able to help you de-risk your operations and adapt to fluctuating demands. 

With Royal IHC’s vessels having high levels of durability and longevity, IHC Mining can also help improve the performance of the dredgers in a client’s fleet. By looking at the current situation and existing parameters of the operation, but also possible new characteristics and modelling, we have developed methods to highlight what could be achieved with the same dredger. By making adjustments to the automation system and testing the vessel to the limit, a client can get more tonnage from their operation. 

This is how we make sure that our customers can be as competitive as possible, and we recognise the value of being involved at an early stage. Not so much with just a quote, but with knowledge. It is this aspect that allows our customers to make better decisions about dredge mining and where to make improvements. Through our integrity, transparency and expertise, IHC Mining prides itself on impartiality and aims to act as a long-term knowledge partner.  

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